Transplant in Ten or Less

Transplant professionals have increasing demands on their time. Finding time in one’s day to attend conferences or to read journals is challenging. Transplant in 10 is intended to provide transplant professionals with short, easily accessible videos on key and updated topics in 10 minutes.

This video series will be a resource for the busy transplant professional who needs to brush up on a key concept or get the latest updates while between patients or in line for coffee – when you have 10 minutes or less to learn.

These short whiteboard talks focus on a broad spectrum of transplant topics presented by experts in the field. Transplant in 10 focuses on easy-to-understand explanations of complex topics, simple visuals and quick access on either your mobile device or computer. 

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Overview of Clinical HLA Principles and Virtual Crossmatch (2016)

After participating in this activity, the learner will be able to:

1. Describe HLA typing and solid phase assays in solid organ transplantation.
2. Explain panel reactive antibody and T and B flow crossmatch.
3. Describe how virtual crossmatch works to assess donor and recipient compatibility.

Tags: HLA

What is the calculated PRA and what are its implications and pitfalls (2017)

Tags: HLA

Desensitization for the patient awaiting organ transplantation - what makes sense (2017)

Tags: HLA

Antibody-Mediated Rejection (2019)

In “Antibody-Mediated Rejection,” Dr. Arjang Djamali provides a concise overview of this difficult topic for the Transplant in 10 audience. This video can be watched in conjunction with the “Approaches Towards Desensitization” Tx10 presentation given by Dr. Stanley Jordan.

Tags: HLA Kidney

Approaches Towards Desensitization (2019)

In “Approaches Towards Desensitization,” Dr. Stanley Jordan covers novel and experimental approaches to AMR and desensitization for the Transplant in 10 audience. This video can be watched as a follow-up to the “Antibody-Mediated Rejection” Tx10 presentation given by Dr. Arjang Djamali.

Tags: HLA Immunology