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Topic #2 (All Organs & Ages)

Mar 3, 2020 2:00pm ‐ Mar 3, 2020 2:00pm


"Overview of Induction and Maintenance Immunosuppression"

This lecture will provide an overview of the role of induction and maintenance immunosuppression in kidney and liver transplant patients.

Note: Thymoglobulin is now approved as an induction agent for prevention of rejection.

Use the markers on the video timeline to quickly navigate to important points in the video outlined below:
- Chapter 1: Introduction to immunosuppression [0:51]
           - Section A) Timeline for Development of various Immunosuppressive agents [1:36]
           - Section B) Targets for Immunosuppressive agents [2:21]
           - Section C) Type of Immunosuppressive agents [3:25]
- Chapter 2: Induction Immunosuppressive agents [4:04]
- Chapter 3: Maintenance immunosuppressive agents [14:43]
           - Section A) Calcineurin Inhibitors [16:28]
           - Section B) mTor Inhibitors [23:39]
           - Section C) Co-stimulation Blockade agents (Belatacept) [28:33]
           - Section D) Anti-Metabolites- Mycophenolate and Azathioprine [31:00]
           - Section E) Corticosteroids [35:00]


  • Christin Rogers, PharmD, FAST, FCCP, BCPS, Massachusetts General Hospital Transplant Center

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