Dr. Anat R Tambur DMD, PhD

Northwestern University

Anat R Tambur, DMD, PhD, D. ABHI is the Director of the Transplant Immunology Laboratory and a Research Professor at the Comprehensive Transplant Center, Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois. Anat obtained her doctoral degree in Dental Medicine from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem Israel and her PhD degree in Immunogenetics with Prof Chaim Brautbar at the Hadassah School of Medicine, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel. She then moved to the US where she joined Prof Howard Gebel at Rush University for her post-doctoral training and obtained her ABHI diplomate.

Dr Tambur’s current research focuses on understanding the role of donor-specific HLA antibodies in the context of solid organ, stem cell, and cord blood transplantation with specific emphasis on the significance of antibody affinity and strength. This approach leads to improved virtual crossmatching predictions and enlarged pool of potential donors for renal transplantation. Her most recent work provides a different view of antibody-antigen relationship specifically for HLA-DQ, analyzing the newly emerging concept of HLA epitopes and how it can be applied for determining acceptable and unacceptable HLA mismatches.