Daniel Salomon MD

The Scripps Research Institute

Dr. Salomon is a Professor at The Scripps Research Institute, Department of Molecular and Experimental Medicine, Director of the Laboratory for Functional Genomics and Program Medical Director, Scripps Center for Organ Transplantation. He is currently the President of the American Society of Transplantation. Dr. Salomon has published 127 peer-reviewed manuscripts, 46 chapters and reviews and edited 3 books. He has served on numerous national and international committees including: Executive Board member, Program Committee Chair, Cell Transplantation Committee Chair, and Xenotransplantation Committee Chair for American Society of Transplantation; Chair, National Institutes of Health Islet Cell Resources Steering Committee; Chair, NIH Genomics of Transplantation Cooperative Research Program Steering Committee, Founding Member, US Secretary of Health’s Xenotransplantation Advisory Committee and Chair, FDA Biological Response Modifiers Advisory Committee. He has served on multiple NIH Study Sections and Special Emphasis Panels. Dr. Salomon's laboratory work studies organ and cell transplantation immunology with a primary focus on functional genomics, proteomics and genetics. One set of objectives is to discover biomarkers for the diagnosis of clinical and subclinical acute and chronic rejection that will enable the personalized management of immunosuppression. Another objective is to discover prognostic markers for transplant outcomes by integrating molecular phenotyping of biopsies, genetics, transcriptional profiling and proteomics. Another objective is to understand the multi-dimensionality of transcriptional regulation. These studies include the regulation of microRNA and long noncoding RNA, alternative splicing and RNA binding proteins and the dynamic impact of epigenetic changes, methylation and histone marks, on lymphocyte activation, differentiation and immunosuppression.