Diane LaPointe Rudow ANP-BC

Mount Sinai Hospital

I am a doctorally prepared nurse practitioner who went to Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing and received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I furthered my studies and received a Master of Science in Nursing and became a Nurse Practitioner. I was one of the first individuals in the United States to graduate with a Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) from Columbia University in 2005. I joined the Mount Sinai Team in April 2010 after a career at Columbia University Medical Center where I started the Liver Transplant Program in 1998. I developed their living donor advocacy team to evaluate and manage living liver donors. When I joined RMTI in April 2010 it was to develop and direct The Center for Living Donation where I expanded my vision to encompass comprehensive care for liver and kidney donors, making it the first of its kind to provide innovativeexpertise in the medical, surgical, and psychological health before and after living donation. I have published and presented on live donor advocacy both nationally and internationally. Additionally I have served on many boards, consensus conferences and committees on transplantation. My research focus has been on care of the live organ donor. Many studies have been conducted on medical outcomes of the live donor but the psychosocial factors influencing donors to donate and affecting them post donation have been under studied. I have looked at quality of life, comparisons of experiences of liver and kidney donors, and resilience and personality traits in donors. My most recent endeavor is to develop a live donor psychosocial assessment tool (LDAT) to incorporate into the live donor psychosocial evaluation. Objectively assessing donors will assist clinicians in appropriately caring for donors before and after donation.